Expert Mortgage Planner, Brad Roche shares with fellow mortgage professionals.

Brad Roche weekly radio show host has been helping clients with home ownership for over 20 years.  He has extensive experience in mortgage lending, real estate negotiations, construction, developments, investment properties, cash management and budgeting. He was awarded Top 1% of Loan Originators in America in addition to being a part of the Companies Presidents Club.  His planning and expertise helps his clients save thousands over the time of there loan term. 

He prides himself on taking great care of clients during and after the loan process so they are comfortable referring friends, family and co-workers year after year! Tune in weekly to over 5 major radio stations covering Lake Norman, Charlotte and South Carolina including CBS, FOX and ESPN where Brad is the host of a one hour shows about Lending, Real Estate and the plan.

For a free planning meeting call 855-4-THEPLAN or click "Apply Here" to complete the application.  Once your application is submitted Brad will contact you directly for your plan! 


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Best Selling Book Releases

The following are published best selling books by Brad Roche, The Mortgage Planner.

Harness The Hurricane within

This book takes you through becoming the best at what you do and the lessons learned by Robert J. Roche and Brad Roche through a combined 50 years of real estate, mortgages and developments.

the Essential guide to charlotte real estate

This book features many of the top producing Realtors with Brad Roche, Charlotte Leader in Home Lending.  It includes tips on purchasing, investing and the market as a whole.

mortgage storm

This book was created with the mortgage industries top producers and market leaders.  Brad worked with many to produce chapters on the mortgage business for loan originators, home buyers, investors and more.  They share how to master your craft in the lending world.